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About Us

DOLLOR INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRY CO,. LTD. is run by the team comprised of a group of professionals with over-year experiences in marketing services; that is, each member works together with the recognition that the organic industry protects ecology and environment and the respect toward life values. Given that, the demands from markets and consumers to organic products are profoundly understood to select the prime good-quality products and information for offering our clients various functional dietary raw materials with the organic, natural, healthy, poison-free and safe quality assurances along with the integrated solution available, including products concepts, formula design and technical consulting services.

Our Goal

Principle & Commitment

We are willing to share and deliver the information of organic food beneficial to health and expect that people are all healthy and the world is better. In the future, we keep dedicating ourselves to promoting the ideas of using natural, organic and health-keeping prime dietary raw materials, expand the services efficacy for the clients profoundly, keep developing imported new products to advance the good quality and health of dietary raw materials in Taiwan. Moreover, the satisfaction and relief of clients and consumers is the forever commitment.